Thursday, May 22, 2014

Who is Andrew Maser?

Andrew Maser grew up in the  Central Pennsylvania area.  He graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2000 with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Computer Science.

Andrew Maser began his career in the Petroleum Industry doing IT work for a billion dollar company dealing with Petroleum and Convenience Sales.  Immediately following Andrew Maser started in the medical field as a Clinical Research Associate working on various clinical trial studies.

Andrew Maser realized that working for someone else was not his life long goal. Andrew Maser purchased a franchise business and eventually expanded this business into 3 separate companies dealing with computer technology, shipping and computer repair. After three successful years, Andrew Maser sold all 3 business for profit and chose to leave the brick and mortar lifestyle and instead go after a career which allowed for more free time, no overhead and unlimited financial growth.

Andrew Maser and his family live in PA. Andrew Maser enjoys cars, traveling and spending time with his family.